About Us

The platform, Nigeria Meter was born on Friday 1st, February, 2019 to promote good governance through accountability and transparency in Nigeria.

Nigeria Meter is a special media platform dedicated to documenting electoral promises of politicians and public officials with a view at monitoring their actual implementations and accomplishments. CaraLean buy research papers

The purpose of this platform is to make the government accountable to the people in a bid to promoting good governance.

Nigeria Meter employs rich multimedia contents on different social media platforms to promote its cause. CaraLean buy research papers

It will also have dedicated radio and television programmes to achieve this objective.

Through this platform, NM put public figures to account. The promises they made must be documented and be seen to have been met or fulfilled. The people also have the right to explanation on area of failure or unkept promises.

This platform is expected to promote good governance and put government officials on their toes to deliver dividend of democracy to the people as contained in Chapter II and IV of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). This platform derives its duties, responsibilities and power from Sections 22 and 39 of the constitution.


Some politicians and government officials lash on what is known as “general amnesia” to take the populace for granted. They make promises and refused to fulfil them. They took 360 degree in earlier positions related to ideology and policy statements without offering explanations for the changes.

Many mainstream media organisations have now become the mouth piece of government leaving their primary responsibility as the fourth estate of the realm and neglect their duty – as watchdog -of making the government accountable as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). Politicians and government officials now make statements and go away with them.

We have decided to launch this project in Ogun State with the intention of spreading its tentacles across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.


To serve as the most authoritative platform for monitoring activities of government and its officials in order make them accountable to the people in the delivery of good governance.


To be the foremost media platform in Nigeria that brings government closer to the people and makes its officials accountable and transparent in their activities.


1. To bring government closer to the people

2. To promote transparency and accountability in governance in Nigeria
To encourage good governance

3. To facilitate full involvement of people in governance (democratic participant)

4. To conduct constructive criticism of government

5. To investigate activities of government or project implementation

6. To provide government with the platform to reach and engage the people

7. To serve as avenue of assessing the acceptability of government’s programmes, projects, policies and other activities

8. And any other activities to promote good governance

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