Our CCC Approach

At Nigeria Meter, we adopt the CCC approach to trail, document and assess the activities of government in area of delivery of dividend of defind-bride comments custom essay writingmocracy in Nigeria.CaraLean buy research paper
It is a platform dedicated to following up on projects promised/conceived, commenced, and (un)completed by the government.

In line with democratic principles, the platform wants the people to be part of governance and development process in the country, hence, their views will be sought on projects’ conception, and implementation.

If the government cannot deliver on a promise, Nigeria Meter will investigates the reason(s), make the officials concerned to make a statement on the issue, gauge the veracity of the claim(s) and presents the fact(s) to the public for assessments. In the same vein, the platform will bring to the front burner areas where the government has kept its promises.
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It must be noted that we are not out to bring down any individual or organisation whether as politician, political officeholder, political party or government; we are committed to contributing our quota to the development of Nigeria.

We are all out to be part of the development process through intensive and extensive reportage of government activities in terms of projects conceptions and executions.

We shall “praise” and “knock” where necessary. The metrics of success of public officers and government are the promises, programmes and manifestoes laid out from the beginning.
This is the gap this special media platform intends to fill. We gathered experienced team to actualise this project.


1. Documenting electoral promises, policy statements, and other activities of the government – By our staff and/or members of the public and verified by Nigeria Meter.

2. Occasional Reminders of promises made.

3. Count Down to the fulfilment of a promise.

4. Set alarm/reminder to deadlines of promises to determine their fulfilments, implementations or stalemate.

5. Comprehensive report on (non)fulfilment.

6. Research

7. Opinion poll/Feedback

8. Advocacy/Enlightenment


1. Interactive website

2. Multimedia contents

3. Social media platforms/Apps

4. Radio and TV Programmes

5. Community Engagement – i-reporter/community reporters


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