“I can identify with your dreams. You want a government that works for you, and not for cronies and families. Let me pledge once again, that I, Adedapo Abiodun, will keep faith with the people. I will lead with integrity and sincerity. My Administration will be fair, just, equitable and inclusive. So help me God!” – Governor Dapo Abiodun – May 29, 2019.

Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun promised to be “equitable in executing developmental projects across the State”.

This is coming on the backdrop of allegation against the governor of favouring the Ogun East in the distribution of infrastructural projects across the State.

In order to disabuse the minds of the people, the governor reiterated in many fora that his administration will not “develop a section of the State at the expense of others”.

The recent reference to this was contained in a statement, by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr Kunle Somorin, which denied allegation that the official office of Governor Abiodun has been relocated from Abeokuta to Iperu-Remo, his country home.

“Prince Abiodun is not a provincialist and would not turn Ogun State to Abiodun & Brothers Limited as was the case in the immediate past. The whole of Ogun State is his constituency, not a fraction of it.”

This promise was also noted in his manifesto with assurance of “Equitable distribution of infrastructural facilities to the three senatorial districts for sustainable development.”

Nigeria Meter conducted investigation into infrastructural intervention of the Governor Abiodun administration to fact check the claim of equitable execution of developmental projects in Ogun State.

The outcome of the investigations by Nigeria Meter is hereby presented, starting from road rehabilitation by the recently established Ogun State Public Work Agency (OGPWA).

This is in line with the resolve of Nigeria Meter to monitor the governor’s pledge to rehabilitate 60 or 708 roads across the 236 wards of the 20 Local Government Areas of Ogun State.

By design, the OGPWA is expected to fulfil this promise as it has commenced the rehabilitation of roads across the State.

Road Repairs in Ogun Screenshot

However, the Governor Abiodun administration has not come out clear about the number of roads to be rehabilitated across the State within four years, as Nigeria Meter could not establish whether it will be 60 or 708 roads.

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Though all efforts by Nigeria Meter to get the details of the plans of the government on road maintenance, rehabilitation and construction is being frustrated by government officials; we investigated some claims concerning this issue.

Questions on road repairs Screenshot_20191109-181036

The first mission statement of the governor in his manifesto promised to “improve citizens confidence and trust in government through transparent and accountable leadership.”

Data Shows Governor Abiodun Performance in Road Rehabilitation

The question Nigeria Meter sought to answer is whether Governor Abiodun’s promise to ensure equitable distribution of infrastructure in the State is being adhered to.

Nigeria Meter fact checked this claim against available data and presented its findings in table and figures.

“Equitable” according to Learners’ Oxford Dictionary, is defined as “fair and reasonable: treating everyone in an equal way”, and “Equity” as “fairness or justice in the way people are treated.”

What parameter is the present administration adopting in the distribution of road rehabilitation across the State? By needs, demands, lobby, reward, political considerations, equality or availability of resources?

Despite the refusal of Ogun state government to provide the parameter of the prioritisation of certain roads at the expense of others, we present the roads so far rehabilitated according to their locations – Local Government Areas and Senatorial districts.

How Ogun Govt. Distributed Road Repair across LGAs

The data compiled by Nigeria Meter on the intervention of Governor Abiodun administration on road rehabilitation across Ogun State, indicated that 21 roads were considered within five months (June 1st to October 31st, 2019).

Distribution of Road Repairs in Ogun Senatorial District June to Oct 2019

Out of the 21 roads, Ogun East Senatorial district had 12 roads representing 57 percent of the entire roads so far rehabilitated, with Sagamu Local Government Area benefiting the repair of seven roads (33.3%) and Ijebu Ode three roads (14.3%) and Ikenne two roads (9.5%). Iperu-Remo which is the country home of Governor Dapo Abiodun is located at Ogun East.

The other six Local Government Areas in Ogun East Senatorial district have not benefited from the road rehabilitation of the Governor Abiodun administration. The LGAs include Ijebu East, Ijebu North, Ijebu North East, Odogbolu, Ogun Waterside and Remo North.

Distribution of Road Repairs in Ogun East June to Oct 2019

NOTE 1- Total Number of Roads Rehabilitated across Nine LGAs in Ogun East is 12 (100%)

Ogun Central housed Abeokuta, which is the State capital. The senatorial district had six (29%) out of the 21 roads repaired with palliative work on two roads at Obafemi Owode Local Government Area and one each at Abeokuta North, Abeokuta South, Ifo and Odeda LGAs.

Ewekoro LGA has no record of road repaired by the present administration in the last five months.

Distribution of Road Repair in Ogun Central June to Oct 2019

NOTE 2 – Total Number of Roads Rehabilitated across the Six LGAs in Ogun Central is 06 (100%)


In Ogun West, only three roads representing 14 percent of the entire road so far repaired by the Governor Abiodun administration which includes two at Ado-Odo/Ota and one at Yewa South Local Government Areas.

Roads in the other three LGAs in the senatorial district have not received the intervention of the present administration. They include Imeko-Afon, Ipokia, Yewa North, and Yewa South.

Distribution of Road Repairs in Ogun West June to Oct 2019

NOTE 3 – Total Number of Roads Rehabilitated across the Five LGAs in Ogun West is 03 (100%)

Ogun East senatorial district has nine Local Government Areas representing 45 percent of the 20 LGAs in the State.
Ogun Central has six LGAs (30%) while Ogun West has five LGAs (25%).

Rural Roads Are Neglected

In addition, none of the 21 roads so far rehabilitated by the present administration is a rural road.

Governor Dapo Abiodun stated in unambiguous term in his manifesto that his administration will give the development of rural roads priority, emphasising same when he established the Ogun State Public Works Agency (OGPWA).

He restated this commitment on May 29, 2019 after being sworn in as governor of Ogun State lamenting that “Resources appeared to have been poorly allocated as the rural areas have been totally neglected. Our promise is that our government will be fair in the allocation of infrastructure to all parts of the State.”

The effective functioning of the Local Government in Ogun State supposed to see to the attention and development of basic infrastructures such as roads at the grassroots.

Since the tenure of the elected Local Government Chairmen and Councillors in Ogun State expired, Governor Abiodun is yet to set machinery in place to conduct Local Government election to fill the vacant positions.

Gov. Abiodun promise on Local Govt. Screenshot_20190323-213018

The Head of Local Government Administrations (HOLGAs) in the 20 Local Government Areas with limited power and responsibilities are presently in the saddle.

Fund released by the Federal Government to the Local Government Areas in Ogun State since June 2019 till date is expected to show in the development of infrastructural at the grassroots.

According to BudgIT, the sum of N672 billion was disbursed to the 774 LGAs across the country between March and July, 2019 as monthly allocations from the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC).

 Out of this amount, the 20 LGAs in Ogun State received over N5 billion as statutory allocations between May and June, 2019 from the federation accounts.

A breakdown of the figure shows that, within the three months period, over N2.8 billion was disbursed to all the five LGAs in Ogun Central Senatorial district; while Ogun East comprising nine LGAs received the highest allocation of over N3.7 billion.

Ogun West senatorial district with five LGAs received about N2.1 billion.

It is not clear whether the allocations passed through the State Joint Local Government Account System or were paid directly to the 20 Local Government Areas in the State.

It would be recalled that the Federal Government through the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) claimed that the 774 LGAs in the country will be receiving their statutory allocation directly from June 2019.

It is unclear whether the 20 Local Governments have financial obligations and debts in form of first line charges reducing functions of the third tier to mere management of recurrent expenditure.

This is the time Governor Abiodun need to walk-his-talk by not making these local governments “mere appendices of the state government and salary payment centres.”

With this development, Governor Abiodun administration needs to justify his commitment to his electoral promise by giving preference to development of the grassroots.

In the manifesto under the title: “Good Governance”, the governor promised to “Empower and strengthen the Local Government so they can carry out their statutory roles, functions, responsibilities effectively.”

The Governor was more explicit in his inaugural speech on May 29, 2019:

“The commitment of our Administration to the empowerment of our Local Government Councils to effectively and efficiently discharge their constitutionally guaranteed mandate is total.

“Apart from constitutional arrangement that places this tier of government close to the people, it is also in the self-enlightened interest of the State government that is focused on good governance, like our Administration, to so do.

“Our development agenda will be deepened and fast-tracked if our Local Governments are truly governments and not just mere appendices of the state government and salary payment centres.

“My Administration will evolve a new but constitutionally backed arrangement that will make our Local Government responsive and responsible to the yearnings of the people.”

The governor had in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Kunle Somorin promised that the “deplorable township and rural roads in the State would soon wear a new look as the Agency swings into action.”

The Senior Special Assistant to the governor on New Media, Mr Ojo Emmanuel had in a October 3rd, 2019 Facebook post, attributed the slow pace of work to rainfall, promising “extensive works on our roads will receive unprecedented attention as the newly created Ogun Public Works Agency (OGPWA) has been so empowered.”

“The Ogun State Government under the leadership of Prince Dapo Abiodun takes seriously the situation of the bad roads among other infrastructure in the State, and the government is working assiduously to fix the roads within the shortest time.”


Is Ogun Govt. Transparent And Accountable?

The Governor Abiodun administration has not sufficiently portray itself to be transparent and accountable as details of the processes of government in project implementation inquired by Nigeria Meter on several occasions were not given.

The governor, however, had in his manifesto message pledges thus:

“We shall through prudent transparent and accountable leadership ensure that public resources and opportunities are made available to all our citizens in order to ensure they have a fulfilling livelihood.”

He also promised a transparent Public Finance Management in his inaugural speech after being sworn as the governor:

“Central to good governance is transparent and accountable public finance management that eliminates leakages and ensures efficient and judicious use of the commonwealth.”

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This investigation took more than one month to be completed because of the refusal of government officials to respond to Nigeria Meter’s inquiry on the infrastructural development in the State.

When Nigeria Meter contacted OGPWA on September 23rd, 2019, through a dedicated mobile number released to get the feedback of the members of the public on road related issues, it identified eight roads that are presently receiving the attention of the agency.

The roads include: Fusigboye/Ojofa Street, Ijebu-Ode; Asafa oke, Asafa Isale, Ijebu Ode, Oru Ilaporu Awa; Rawpower, Ota; Ota/Ikola/Navy Otta; Obantoko, Abeokuta; Elite Oke Lantoro, Isale Ake, Abeokuta and Ikoritameje Adenrele/Olose titun Vespa, Ifo.

The representatives of the agency however did not respond to series of other questions posed to appreciate the level of work across the State.

With this, will it be safe to conclude that Governor   Dapo Abiodun walk-the-talk on his promise to be equitable in the distribution of infrastructural projects across the State?

WHAT NEXT? Watch out for the outcome of the investigation of Nigeria Meter on the promises of Governor Abiodun administration on the rehabilitations of State Hospitals, 236 Primary Health Centres and 236 Public Primary Schools across Ogun State.

Nigeria Meter will continue to document and monitor the fulfilments of promises made by public officers in Ogun State in a bid to promoting transparency, accountability and good governance.

*Distributions of Roads Rehabilitated by Governor Abiodun administration between June 1st to October 31st, 2019 according to LGAs and Senatorial districts in Ogun State.



12 57
TOTAL 21 100
1. Abeokuta North Lafenwa-Rounda Road Palliative Repair 01 4.8
2. Abeokuta South Elite Oke Lantoro- Iasale Ake road Palliative Repair 01 4.8
3. Ewekoro 00 0
4. Obafemi/Owode Abiola way to Oke-mosan road Repair 02 9.5
Adigbe-Opako Bridge Culvert Construction
5. Ifo Olose Titun-Ikorita-Meje Road Construction 01 4.8
6. Odeda Fajol Road, Obantoko Construction 01 4.8
7. Ijebu East 00 0
8. Ijebu North 00 0
9. Ijebu North East 00 0
10. Ijebu Ode Itoikin-Ibefun-Ijebu Ode Road Palliative Repair 03


Molipa-Fusigboye-Ojofa Street Construction
Asafa Oke/Asafa Isale Ayegun/Ojofa Street Construction
11. Ikenne Iperu-Ilisan Road Palliative Repair 02


Siun-Ogere-Iperu Road Palliative Repair
12. Odogbolu 00 0
13. Ogun Waterside 00 0
14. Remo North 00 0
15. Sagamu Sagamu-Iperu-Ode-Sapade Road Repair 07


Oba Erinwole Road Palliative Repair
Hospital Road Construction
Ijebu Ode-Epe Express Road Palliative Repair
Abeokuta/Sagamu interchange Round about Construction of cross culvert
Ososa bridge on the Sagamu-Ore Expressway Palliative Work
Bright Fashion-Surulere-Baruwa Street Palliative Work
16. Ado-Odo/Ota Osi-Ota-Awolowo-Navy-AIT-Kola Road Palliative Work 02


Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road, Ota Palliative Work
17. Imeko Afon 00 00 0
18 Ipokia 00 00 0
19. Yewa North 00 00 0
20. Yewa South Owode Yewa road Palliative Work 01 4.8
TOTAL 21 100

*Distributions of Roads Rehabilitated by Governor Abiodun administration between June 1st to October 31st, 2019 according to LGAs and Senatorial districts in Ogun State.




Ogun State government has made good its promise of making life and motoring more comfortable for the people, as it has begun rehabilitation of over 30-kilometre intra city roads across the State through its Public Works Agency (OPWA).

Leading government delegation on inspection tour of the projects, the Consultant to the Governor on Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Ade Akinsanya, revealed that besides the road construction and rehabilitation, the State Government has also begun the re-designing and proper channelization of drainages in different parts of the State, with a view to curb flooding being experienced by residents and road users.

Akinsanya highlighted some of the roads presently undergoing rehabilitation to include; Bright Fashion junction, Surulere-Baruwa/Eleja road, Hospital-Ajegunle, in Sagamu axis, while full construction had also commenced at Molipa-Fusigboye, Asafa-Oke, Asafa-Isale roads in Ogun East Senatorial District, Fajol-Ajegunle road in Obantoko, Elite road-Oke Lantoro- Isale Ake, as well as Vespa-Olose Titun, Ikorita Meje in Ifo area, Ogun Central.

He added that Osi-Ikola-Navy and Ray-power road at Ota, Ogun West Senatorial were also being reconstructed, assuring that all ongoing projects embarked upon by the agency and the ones inherited from the previous administration would be completed in due course.

Engr. Akinsanya said, over 100 rural roads have been identified for chemical treatment and rehabilitation to ease the movement of farm produce to markets, maintaining that the present administration placed priority on roads and infrastructure.

Also speaking, the Site Engineer for Ogun East Senatorial District, Abiodun Ogunsina, explained that the rehabilitation work involves drainage clearing and cart away, stone base and asphalt repairs.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Mrs. Adeola Obafemi and Pastor Samuel Adekanmi, appreciated Governor for fulfilling his electioneering promises, urging the workers to expedite the construction works.

Femi Olayinka

Press Officer, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure


Ogun State Government has reiterated its commitment to embark on massive rehabilitation of roads and construction of drainages to reduce rate of accidents and make life comfortable for its citizens.

Addressing newsmen at his office in Abeokuta, Consultant to the Governor on Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Ade Akinsanya, maintained that the present administration had resolved to satisfy the yearnings of the people through massive rehabilitation of roads and construction of drainages, saying 15 roads were currently at different levels of completion across the three Senatorial Districts of the State.

While reacting to the recent press release by the Nigerian Bar Association, Ota Branch, Akinsanya explained that, Ikola-Navy-Osi-Ota road, Ray-power road, Ota-Owode-Idiroko road, among others were under construction in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government area of the State.

“Government realised the importance of good road and that is why palliative works are ongoing simultaneously in different parts of the State. We also know the economic importance of Ota axis and that is why we have embarked on rehabilitation and construction of three major roads within the axis”, he disclosed.

He revealed that the State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun with his Lagos State counterpart, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu were still negotiating with the Federal Government on the possibility of ceding the Ikorodu-Ogijo-Sagamu, Epe-Ijebu-Ode roads and Lagos-Abeokuta expressway to them, in order to facilitate speedy attention.

He said government intended to achieve this through Public Private Partnership (PPP), noting that, in spite of the heavy rainfall being experienced, palliative works were still ongoing and massive reconstruction would commence as soon as the rain subsided.

‘’Let it be made clear that road rehabilitations, as well as road constructions remain top priority to the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun. Presently, palliative measures are in progress on some of our roads. However, after the rain, we hope to embark on construction of identified roads’’, Akinsanya said.

The Consultant added that the State Government would leave no stone unturned at ensuring the provision of good roads, habitable environment and adequate infrastructures across the State.

Femi Olayinka,

Press Officer, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure

Fake Ogun Gov’s complimentary cards in circulation

Ogun State Goverrnor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has alerted members of the public to be wary of fake complimentary cards currently in circulation.

The Goverrnor, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Somorin, said the cards were forged to insinuate that the seat of Government had relocated to the Governor’s country home at Iperu-Remo.

The Governor wishes to affirm that he had no hand in the fake complimentary card  bearing Iperu-Remo as his official office and would not reduce the office to a “family estate”

“Every right thinking person knows that Oke Mosan, Abeokuta is the official seat of the Governor of Ogun State. We have promised to uphold the rule of law and provide good governance. We have scrupulously stay on that course.”

Therefore, we have no doubt that the printing and circulation of these fake complimentary cards must be the handiwork of mischief makers who have sinisterly ulterior motives”.

Prince Abiodun said while the Emmanuel Villa, Iperu-Remo is his private residence, “nobody can transfer the instrument of office to a country home. It must be part of the campaign of calumny to disparage and lower the esteem of the Governor before the right thinking members of the public and the good people of Ogun State who gave him the mandate to govern them, the statement added.

Somorin noted that: “Prince Abiodun is not a provincialist and would not turn Ogun State to Abiodun & Brothers Limited as was the case in the immediate past. The whole of Ogun State is his constituency, not a fraction of it”

The Goverrnor urged members of the public to disregard any complimentary card that bears the address of his private residence.

He urged the people to be mindful of those they deal with so as not to be scammed by unscrupulous people using his name.

Gov. Abiodun commences work on 236 Schools, 60 Roads Rehabilitation. To open job portal, build 236 Primary Health Centres.

The Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun is surprised at the spin given to the essence of the Monday meeting of the leadership of the All Progressive Congress in Abeokuta.

Rather than focus on the developmental issues  discussed, attention has been focussed on the good gesture of the Governor to secure loan to pay the May salaries of the workforce.

The government chooses to be forward-looking and not be distracted, and i would like to state that the meeting was called to harmonise the positions of the Government with that of the party on how to move the State forward and ensure that the dividends of democracy percolate to the grassroots level. To this end, I issue this statement on what transpired at the closed door meeting:

The common agenda is operationalization of the Governor’s project of joint prosperity of all in the Gateway State and buy-in of the leadership of the Party as critical stakeholders in the scheme of things is of essence.

At the meeting Gov. Abiodun unfolded how he would build one primary health care centre in each of the 236 wards of the state, using local manpower.

He explained that he would rehabilitate 236 primary schools, one in each of every ward in the state, and set up a job portal for his administration to have accurate statistics of skilled and unskilled labour in the state.

Prince Dapo@  Abiodun who lauded the spirit of magnanimity displayed since the party won the March 9 Governorship Election assured them that all his developmental programmes as enshrined in the Party Manifestoes are on course.

He said he has emplaced a portal to register on a continuous basis unemployed youths in the State with a view to providing them jobs suitable for their trades and academic qualifications.

“We shall be public-private sector oriented in our governance model, he said, adding that memebers of the APC should not be discouraged “that we are going to have an inclusive government that will utilise valueable potentails that abound in the State, irrespective of party affiliations.”

“All graduates and those with vocational training across the State will give their information and we will endeavour  to match them with potential employers, not only within the civil service but also with the private sector, with whom we are partnering”, he stated.

To ensure that the citizens and residents of the states are not short-changed “we will send a local content bill for legislative action, such that investors will first look inward to availability of workers in Ogun State and make our youths their primary catchment area when they site their companies here”.

The Governor said in his determination to develop and address the glaring infrastructural deficit in Ogun state, rehabilitation of roads will be on the front burner in order for people to transport their goods and services unhindered by unmotorable roads.

“We have enumerated the roads and mapped them but we need your insight and buy-in on the roads most important roads to our people. So, help us list your first three roads in each local government and in the order of preference so that work can begin in earnest”, he added.

Gov, Abiodun assured that these road rehabilitation projects would be partly handled by contractors in their local community to supply manpower and other sundry materials that would be used by the supervising public works department.

“That remains the sure path to harnessing the state’s potentials and improving the socio-economic fortunes of the people and the State at large,” contended the Governor.

The consultative meeting which held behind closed doors further agreed on the operationalization of the Governor’s food security agenda in which he promised to engage 10,000 farmers to be supported for mechanised farming with attendant value chain benefits to make agribusiness bedrock of his administration’s plan to lift people out of poverty.

The meeting was attended by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, including former Deputy Governors, serving and past National Assembly members, former Ministers and Members of Boards of State and Federal Parastatals within the party.

Also at the meeting presided over by the interim chairman of the APC in the State, Chief Yemi Sanusi, were past and current State Assembly members and past and current Chiefs of staff to past and present Governors as well as those who served as Special Advisers and Senior Special Assistants.

Kunle Somorin

Chief Press Secretary to Governor.


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